Mr. T.R. Rathore

M.Tech(Digital Electronics)

Placement Officer






The Industry- Institute-Interaction cell was established at Government Polytechnic College, Jodhpur in the year 1991-92.
The III Cell Jodhpur is also monitoring the activities related to III Cell for Government Polytechnic college Sirohi, Barmer,Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Government Women's Polytechnic college, Jodhpur.




The III Cell is such as important section of this institute which provides the fair Interaction between Institute and Industries to produce better quality technical manpower for industries of the state. It deals a great role to meet out prescribed curriculum and mutual growth, requirement of the technical education of the state industries.




The important activities which are performed at the III cell are as listed under:-

To organize campus interviews for pass out students.

To arrange practical trainig for final year students and teaching staff.

To arrange extension lecturer industrial visits, Enterpreneurship Awareness Camps/Programes from the students.

Counselling of Technical Courses for school students.

Solutions of industrial problems.

Interection with other state organization for the self employment of the students.

Continuous Education Programme and Carrier Guidance Programme.

Workshop/Seminar for students and staff.

To get feed back from the students.

Consultancies Services.